Incomparable and unique, the CSARITE® grade of this unique gemstone has become a leader in the fine jewellery industry since its discovery due to its sparklingly bright yet tranquil colours. It can change from kiwi greens in sunlight, to subtle-pinks in candlelight.

But unlike other colour-change gems, CSARITE®'s colour change is not limited to two primary colours. Incredibly, the same CSARITE® can also exhibit khaki greens, cognac pinks, canary yellows, pinkish champagnes, sage greens, subtle-pinks and vibrant gingers under a variety of different light sources.


Remarkably, the quality-assured CSARITE® brand possesses another phenomena seldom found among gemstones: the cat's eye effect.

Known by its technical term, chatoyancy appears as a brilliant band of light reflected across the surface of the gemstone. The presence of these rare abilities, that of colour-change and chatoyancy combined, have even led some in the fine jewellery industry class CSARITE® as a 'double phenomena' gemstone. A truly rare find, left undiscovered for more than 100 million years.


While simply wearing CSARITE® jewellery unveils its breathtakingly diverse colours, one of its most unique features is that – unlike other colour-change gemstones – CSARITE®’s superlative colour change ability is not dependent on dark tones within the stone.

This characteristic has caught the imagination of women the world over, who prefer CSARITE® for its more subtle pastel colours to complement the rich, earthy tones of green, chocolate, mocha and gold – which makes the precious stone wearable in any fashion and instills a classic, timeless appeal.