Today most gemstones have been heated, radiated, diffused, filled, dyed, bleached, oiled – or any possible combination of these.

While most gemstones make use of treatments used to falsely enhance their colour and appearance, the CSARITE® brand’s qualities – together with its colour palette – are both pure and natural. From the earth, unpolluted.


CSARITE® products have a direct and positive affect on the lives of its miners. All of our employees are housed and fed on site and paid over and above the average earnings for miners in the region. Fully insured, every one of our employees works in safe working conditions which are subject to regular government and environmental inspection.

We also donate food supplies every six months to more than 100 homes in the villages surrounding the mine, their local communities and their schools.


CSARITE® also has a positive impact on its natural surroundings, as our entire underground operations were designed from the outset to allow minimal impact to the surface of our mountains. With fewer trees felled and no major excavations necessary, even the water waste we produce is collected and removed by vehicle to ensure zero soil contamination.

And for the few trees which do require felling, we ensure that they are professionally handled and brought to the ground by the Forestry department, whom we voluntarily fund to plant more than 10 trees for every one cut down.