Coveted throughout the centuries by kings and sultans of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the Anatolian mountains hold a secret gemmologists believe has been kept for over 100 million years.

A precious gemstone so exceptional, it has been identified as a previously unknown variety of diaspore. Only found in one place in the world, CSARITE® quality Turkish diaspore is meticulously excavated at a height of more than 3,000 feet in the remote foothills of the Anatolian mountains in Turkey.


In order to qualify under the CSARITE® brand, Turkish diaspore is mined at a location so remote its whereabouts have only recently been discovered in our lifetime. Its seclusion and inaccessibility have tested modern engineering to supply running water and electricity to the area, and into the depths of these great mountains.

As the world’s only CSARITE® deposit, its exclusivity is without question.


The more rare the gemstone, the greater its value. CSARITE® places this concept of rarity into an entirely new point of reference. While it is said that Tanzanite is 1,000 times more rare than a diamond, CSARITE® exceeds the rarity of Tanzanite by ten times more. Further still, just 50 per cent of the rough crystals mined are suitable for faceting, and 98 per cent of these are lost during cutting.

A precious gemstone 10,000 times more rare than a diamond.