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      As more and more consumers search for responsibly sourced, conflict-free gemstones of all types, recognition of CSARITE® as a lovely gemstone that speaks directly to consumer’s concerns continues to grow.

      Always natural and ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques, CSARITE® is a natural color-change gemstone which is only found in Turkey. Maia International LLC is the sole miner of the only deposit for this phenomenal gem. Rough production will double in 2017 through increased mechanization, which will provide a consistent supply of quality gems in the quantities required by a wide range of jewelry manufacturers. Each stage of production is carefully monitored and guided to ensure the most ethical, socially responsible and environmentally-friendly operating standards.

      We are currently seeking retailers around the globe where together we can make this extraordinary gem available in a transparent way so purchasers of CSARITE® can have instant peace of mind.

      Kindly fill out the application form if interested.