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It is CSARITE®’s ambition is to continue building upon its selective supply chain network, which delivers competitive margins, supports demand throughout the value chain and achieves mine to market traceability and transparency.


CSARITE® / cut and polished

understand the gemstone industry

With the coloured gemstone industry highly fragmented throughout its value chain, consumers becoming increasingly demanding of traceability, transparency and ethics, and an ever-increasing need to utilise costly marketing and promotion efforts to build gemstone value through brand equity…

…it has never been more important to build well-integrated distribution networks which support and deliver

Quality assurance


Ethics, traceability, transparency and

Marketing and promotion

…through consistent volume sales to trusted, committed and regulated downstream partners. CSARITE®’s Selective Distribution Partner Model achieves just that.

How it works

CSARITE®’s Distribution Partner Model involves working closely with a select group of downstream beneficiation partners to build a clear and mutually beneficial value chain that delivers healthy margins and encourages stakeholder value creation throughout.

CSARITE® / Undeniable Transparency

Distribution Partner commitments

Commit to meeting CSARITE®’s core quality standards of 100% natural and minimum of SI1 grade.

Agree to CSARITE®’s traceability standards and work with us to develop and deliver CSARITE® certification.

Commit to supporting the global marketing and promotion of CSARITE®.

CSARITE®'s commitments

Guarantees exclusive access to rough and cut CSARITE® production.

Commits to investing significant capital into marketing, promotion and positioning, developing competitive brand equity, and building consumer demand for CSARITE®.

Promises to uphold its ESG standards and to work towards achieving international compliance and delivering leading sustainability principles and practices within the small-scale mining sector.

Will work to develop industry standards for CSARITE® grading, cutting, polishing, and certification.

Invest in developing supply chain management systems which improve time and cost efficiency across the supply chain and deliver undeniable transparency.

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