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The Gemstone

A New Gemstone For A New Generation

Found in only one place in the world, in a single mine in the rural Turkish mountains OF the ancient region of Anatolia, CSARITE® is amongst the world’s rarest and most exquisite gemstones.​

With a rare and natural ability to shift colors under different light sources, CSARITE® ceaselessly transforms by day and night, indoors and out.

Exhibiting a spectrum of NATURAL colors from earthy pistachio and olive greens to golden champaign yellows, deep sunset gingers, and soft pinks and reds, CSARITE® is dynamic and expressive.

CSARITE®, All Natural, All Transparent, All Rare

CSARITE® / Jewelry by Erica Courtney

All Natural

CSARITE® undergoes a stringent sorting and grading process which ensures only the finest gemstones, at least eye-clean, reach the market, leaving no need for treatment.

It is not enhanced in any way, no heat, radiation, or fillers.

In an industry shaken by enhancement controversies, CSARITE® brings instant peace of mind with its 100% natural guarantee.

All Transparent

CSARITE® is committed to showcasing an undeniable case for ethical, transparent, and sustainable colored gemstone mininghighlighting the efficacy of such an approach, setting a clear benchmark within the sector.

Responsibly mined, processed, and distributed, CSARITE®’s beauty is underwritten by mine-to-market traceability alongside a commitment to, accountability for, and openness and honesty regarding the enactment of ethical and virtuous practices across all operations and throughout its supply chains.

CSARITE® / Jewelry by Graziela Kaufmant


As a single mine gemstone with a clear route to market controlled by a small group of carefully selected Distribution Partners, CSARITE® is never lost in transition and remains fully traceable.

Ethical and Virtuous

CSARITE® is committed to developing leading standards for ethical and virtuous small-scale gemstone mining, processing and marketing by developing a clear and actionable Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Strategy and leading the way in sustainability reporting among small-scale operators.

All Rare

Found in only one place on earth, CSARITE® is a true geological and gemological phenomenon. Coupled with its average cut and polished yield of approximately 2%, among the lowest in the industry, CSARITE® sets a new precedent for gemstone rarity.

As one of just 5 known color change gemstones CSARITE® is inherently unique, but what truly sets it apart is that unlike any other color change gems, CSARITE® exhibits a spectrum of light-sensitive hues, placing the concept into an entirely new point of reference.

From earthy pistachio and olive greens to golden champaign yellows, sunset gingers, and soft pinks and reds, CSARITE®’s light sensitivity affords far more nuances than any color change gem before it. With such ceaseless transformation, CSARITE® is perfectly suited to all identities and every special occasion.

CSARITE® also exhibits iridescence and chatoyancy, two unique and beautiful characteristics which offer endless design capabilities, making it a true spectacle.

CSARITE® / Jewelry by Victor Velyan

A Truly Magnificent Gemstone

Choosing the perfect piece

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Caring for your Csarite®

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Caring for your Csarite®

Gemstones are A tangible expression of magic, formed over millions of years, under exceptional conditions in a few remote locations. It is no wonder we cherish them with all our hearts and wish to keep them for eternity. CSARITE®, like all colored gemstones, is deserving of love and care.

Positioned at 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness CSARITE® is rarely scratched and is suitable for regular wear. However, with perfect cleavage it is susceptible to chipping and fractures if not cared for

Thankfully caring for your CSARITE® is simple:

Be sure to separate your CSARITE® from other gems and diamonds in your jewelry box to avoid unnecessary contact.

When cleaning your CSARITE® use warm water and light detergent, such as dishwashing liquid, gently disturbing and removing any unwanted material with a soft bristle brush.

Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners, prevent subjecting your CSARITE® to temperature extremes and avoid heavy chemical detergents or petroleum distillates as all of these may harm your gem.

For more thorough cleaning after longer periods of wear, we recommend you seek the assistance of a trained and trusted professional CSARITE® jeweler or retailer.

Choosing the perfect piece

In what has been a magnificent renaissance, colored gemstones are once again treasured worldwide. However, many buyers still resort to classical colored gemstones.

While undoubtedly beautiful, don’t let convention influence you, purchasing a gemstone is personal and every individual should choose a gem that resonates best with who you are.

No one can tell you what gemstone you love the most, what gem best represents your character, or what gem holds the most value in your heart. The only way to ensure a gemstone retains everlasting value to you, is to choose one that speaks to who you are.

CSARITE®’s rarity and color shift continue to resonate with individuals from across the globe, as a symbol of individuality, diversity, expression and transformation.

When searching for your very own piece of CSARITE® be sure to buy from a reputable jeweler or retailer, All of which can be found on our Retailers Page.